Valentine’s Day: Style Spotlight

February 5, 2017

The holiday of over-priced roses, large teddy bears and stale chocolates is almost here (sadly). I personally believe you should tell your loved ones you love them every day throughout the year <3 Valentine’s Day is just an extra day to do just that! Before you go spending a boat-load of money on gifts that will perish in a few days, ask your hunny on a much needed night out that will give you everlasting memories to hold onto. Once…

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A Letter To My Followers

Hello Faithful Readers, I am so sorry for my absence these past few months as I have taken a break from my blog to pursue other endeavors including two internships, feature writing and finding a new inspiration for Instantly Rachel.…

January 27, 2017

8 Dates of (til) Christmas

It’s finally December, my favorite time of the year where mistletoes hang low and sweet vanilla aroma fills the neighborhoods. Christmas magic is in the air and as family Christmas parties begin to pop up instead of showing up unaccompanied, it’s time to take…

December 18, 2016

The 4 Best Coats For Winter

Cold weather has arrived and before we know it, snow will be coming our way. My favorite time of the year is almost here and I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays by making hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course), sledding down mountains of…

November 18, 2016

Understanding Your Own Career Path

Earlier this month I was asked to inspire a post on my blog about career paths and how we might steer off of those paths that we once saw fit. Many readers are wondering my thoughts on how to incorporate past experiences from our…

October 5, 2016

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Every students favorite time of the year has finally arrived, the season of school shopping. A time to spruce up your wardrobe with your parents or even by yourself. Β Summer is over and students are back in school for good – or at least…

August 19, 2016

6 Steps to Approach a Dream Interview

Are you in the midst of transitioning from old to new? Got that big call you have been waiting for? Is an interview in your near future? If so, listen up! You don’t have to go through this alone. First things first, we must…

July 24, 2016

Start Your Own Blog — Tips & Tricks

Do you have a love for writing and want your voice to be heard? Is it time to start your own blog? I started blogging last fall, with the encouragement from a few co-workers, my very own blog where I express my creativity freely,…

September 18, 2015